Guelph Cyclist Advocates Early Morning Rides After ‘Awesome’ Encounter

Guelph cyclist Tim Plunkett is encouraging early morning rides after having a very neat encounter with an owl on the trails. Tim, one of the owners of Speed River Bicycle, has been getting up extra early to ride ever since his son was born seven years ago.

The other day he was on a trail in the Guelph Lake Conservation Area when he had an encounter that has made him want to encourage others to explore the trails before the world wakes up. He has seen foxes, and rabbits, and owls swooping through the darkness, but on this one particular morning he had to stop his bike because an owl was hunkered down in the middle of the trail.

Tim captured the encounter on video, which he records with a camera on his bike, and shared it on his shops Instagram stories. The video does show that the owl was on the trail because it had caught a rabbit, so be aware there is some predation in the video.


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