Good Samaritan Saves Police Chief’s Life – GNSOTD Friday Jan 25

In Van Buren, Maine, there was a winter storm recently which kicked up howling winds and blowing snow, leading to white out conditions, with wind and noise like Van Buren police Sgt. Luke Dyer said were the worst he has seen in his nearly three decades of investigating car crashes with the department.


It was in these conditions that Van Buren Police Chief Michael Bresett was hit by a passing car while helping drivers who were involved in a crash just south of the town that morning. The injuries were serious but fortunately for Officer Bresett and his family a good Samaritan from Ellsworth came upon the scene after Bresett was struck, put Bresett in his car, and drove him to the hospital. Now the hero’s name has not been released but Dyer, the department, and the chief’s family credit the man for saving Bresett’s life. It seems that good timing, quick thinking, and God’s grace were in Michael Bresett’s favour that day. He is expected to have a long road to recovery ahead of him and is expected to need physical therapy; but he is still alive.


It is important to remember that in dangerous driving conditions extreme care needs to be taken to ensure no one gets hurt like the Chief. But also that there are many unfortunate situations that occur every day in life and there is always a way you can help. Look for a way in which you can be a Good Samaritan. If you would like to know more about this story you can find it in your Good News Story of the day here.


Story and Image from WCSH-TV Portland, Maine.

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