Good News Story Of The Day Wednesday Oct 10

Licensed Social Worker Kevin Boyer works at Gorsuch West Elementary and for a year now has undertaken an effort to lift the spirits and encourage the students of the school, 6 at a time, in a most interesting way.


Some might be familiar with the lunchbox letter, something sent to school along with a child’s lunch to give them a boost through the day, it is this idea that Boyer has expanded beyond the lunchbox. Every day he delivers hand-written letters to several students in an effort to reach all 600 by the end of the school year. He was able to do it last year and said the response was uplifting.


The idea is novel and simple and could easily be expanded to other schools. It is also a reminder that kids need that emotional support in their daily lives as much if not more than anyone else. Your Good News Story of the Day is about a man who recognized that these kids needed a boost and found a way to do it.


Read more about Kevin Boyer in your Good News Story of the Day in the link.


Story and Image from USA Today.

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