Good News Story Of The Day Tuesday October 2

There are those who are called by God to a service; whether it is the service of ministry, of health care, or of protection – they are called. When that call is to safeguarding lives from fire then nothing will stand in the way of answering. Not even your own wedding photos.


In those moments it is important to have a partner who understands your calling and why it is important. That is the case for Jeremy Bourasa and his new bride Krista Boland (now Bourasa) on the day of their wedding. They had some difficulty finding a location for the ceremony and ended up at the fire hall where Jeremy worked and that is how after the ceremony but before the photos and reception Jeremy overheard a call to a house fire and firefighters in need of help and with the blessing of his bride he leapt into action.


There is no telling how many lives Jeremy has saved, or how much damage he has prevented in his time as a firefighter. Or how many more he might save in the future. But their love being able to withstand being separated by his calling to help even on a wedding day speaks bounds for how able he will be to do his duty going forward and that kind of support is a blessing in itself.


You can read their tale and more details in your Good News Story of the Day in this link.


Story and Image from the Washington Post

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