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When it comes to the problems we face in Today’s world the issue of the food waste is one of the biggest. It is expensive, it causes quite a lot of pollution, it seems especially troublesome when you consider how many hungry people there are in the world, and that is before you consider the issue of how damaging mass farming is to provide food that is simply ending up in a dump.


There was one man who came up with an idea of how to help with the problem and in the process he ended up feeding some 2 million people. His name is  Jean-François Archambault founded La Tablée des Chefs in 2003 to ensure surplus food from restaurants and hotels goes toward feeding the poor and hungry in Montreal.


One of the projects that has helped that happen is a partnership between Welcome Mission Hall and the Bell Center; home of the Montreal Canadiens. This partnership sees all the uneaten food served in the arena’s 124 private and corporate boxes get packaged, refrigerated and brought to the Mission where it is served for lunch over the next day or two. This program should be an inspiration for every sporting arena across the country.


The good news is that La Tablée des Chefs has now expanded to Calgary, Ottawa and Toronto, as well as Mexico City and Paris, where the executive chef to French President Emmanuel Macron recently came on board. And this month, the group partnered with Hellmann’s and Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment to launch the Real Food Rescue program, taking fresh surplus food from Scotiabank Arena and redistributing it to families who need it most.


It is so impressive that in its 15 years in existence, the organization’s food brokerage service has insured that 750 million tonnes of uneaten food was diverted from landfills; and more than 2 million people were fed with food recovered from restaurants, hockey arenas, hotels, bakeries and hospitals.


Find out more about the program and the man and all they have accomplished in your Good News Story of the Day here.


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