Good News Story Of The Day Thursday Sept 27

A man on a New Jersey train was caught shaving on a video that was posted to social media, the internet at first was not very kind; insulting and degrading him for the act they viewed as “disgusting”. But then there were some who came to his defense touting his skill with the razor and being able to get the shave without cutting himself. But during the time of the video, which was eventually viewed more than 3 million times, (though it has since been removed) where the comments were mostly negative he was shown it and declared he could never show his face on a train again. But as the few defending comments became many and the story of who this man was came out things changed a lot for Anthony Torres. He is a 56 year old man who was homeless at the time the video was posted online. Now? Thanks to a GoFundMe campaign that raised over $41,000.00 started by Jordan Uhl of Washington, Torres now can purchase a trailer and get off the streets. He has also been offered numerous jobs; though he says a previous work-injury keeps him from taking jobs he is inspired by the kind gestures.


It is unfortunate that there are people in need who often do not know where to turn for aid. Or that the first reaction to this man were negative. But it is good to know that eventually people turned to the kind words and support that not only boosted his emotional state but gave him the help he needed to get off of the streets. That is why this is your Good News Story of the Day.


Read more about it in the link: The Washington Post


Image from Pete Bentivegna on Twitter

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