Good News Story Of The Day Thursday Oct 11

Your Good News Story of the Day is coming from social media Today. It is a story too sweet not to share, the tale of a young boy who saw someone he wanted to talk to and the friendship that developed when she embraced the encounter with an open heart. The young man’s aunt Star Balloon-Bradley shared the story on Facebook when her nephew, Isaiah, decided to walk over to a random woman in the crowd at a school football game and strike up a conversation. He did so from her lap. And despite his aunt’s questions to the woman if she was okay with this, any concerns were dismissed, and the two chatted for 20 minutes. Two weeks later at another game the conversation continued with a cuddle; which kept on even after Isaiah had fallen asleep.


The woman in question, known in the thread as Mrs. Angela is apparently the mother of a 15 year old and found the moments precious, and in her own post about the topic had this to say:


“To God be all praise, glory, and honor! I have been overwhelmed with emotions today as I have read the post Star Balloon-Bradley shared. I am humbled by the kind words every one has spoken. Isaiah is absolutely adorable! I pray people will Jesus in all this & know His love is beyond measure & that is how I want to love & life my life. I’m not worthy but He sure is!” -Angela


Find more in your Good News Story of the Day in the link; here.


Image from Facebook.

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