Good News Story Of The Day Thursday Nov 8

Anyone who has ever lost a pet, no matter for how long, knows the torment of knowing they are out there and the terrible thoughts that pass through the mind of what could be happening to your beloved pet when it is not in your care. For one couple who lost their cat on the move from Saskatchewan to Ontario; they know it all too well. Doug Burt and his girlfriend were making a long move when they stopped on their trip in Ignace, Ontario for the night. It was late and being tired they brought their cat Oreo into the room and putting him down went to get more things out of the car. Like many pets will do in an unfamiliar place, Oreo made a break for the door, and escaping into the night disappeared. That was June 20th.


Doug and Jessica stayed up waiting to see if Oreo would come back, and when he didn’t they eventually had to continue their drive to their final home in Kitchener. They did however ask Heather Norhaugen, a volunteer with the Northern Critters in Need, an animal shelter in Ignace that helps lost, abandoned, abused and unwanted pets find a new home; if she would keep an eye out for Oreo. Heather did so, using a live trap for well over a month, even into the colder weather. Heather tried until the trap was no longer safe to leave overnight. Still the search kept on until the sightings died down and hope seemed slim. That’s when the right people arrived at the right time… You’ll have to find out the rest in your Good News Story of the Day; but rest assured – Oreo is home safe with his family who called it nothing short of a miracle that after 3 months their cat came home.


You can find the story here.


Image and Story from CBC.

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