Good News Story Of The Day Monday Nov 12

This weekend marked the end of a 7 month journey for 23-year-old Yanise Ho who managed a, nearly, 4,000 mile trip across the United States on Rollerblades! Originally from Hong Kong she decided to pursue this trip to disprove the idea that girls shouldn’t do anything alone because it is dangerous. Moreover she made the venture without any funds. She relied solely on the kindness of strangers to provide her with food and shelter for the duration. In her own words “I just always believe people are kind.” And apparently she was not left wanting for good people: “Every day I was hosted,” she told Inside Edition. “I was fed. I just met so many great families.”


Ultimately, she said she hopes to raise awareness for the nonprofit One Girl Can to fund secondary school scholarships for girls in need in the name of gender equality. “The name itself represents female empowerment,” she said. “That one girl can achieve more than what society predicts us to be able to do.” To support her mission, visit the website.


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Image and Information from Inside Edition.

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