Good News Story Of The Day Friday Sept 21

Your Good News Story of the Day is about a man who will not let ALS stop him from celebrating art. He may not be able to move his arms to play his guitar any longer but his love of music has not faded and his desire to express himself hasn’t gone away either. Even if all he can move are his eyes he uses them to paint.
Brian Parker has the courage to find ways to express himself, when it has felt impossible. He hopes his story will inspire others to do the same. Brian’s artwork hangs proudly in the Parker home. His wife Jennifer said she loves to look at it every day. “I see color and life and vibrancy coming from someone who could be in such a dark place,” Jennifer said.
With the Walk for ALS taking place on Saturday, September 22nd at Holmedale Park it seems a good time to give a bit of an idea of what ALS is and what it can do and how the people who suffer it are not beaten by it but could use some assistance. You can help out by joining or supporting the walk through the link here.
Read more about Brian Parker of Atlanta and his story in your Good News Story of the Day in the link.
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