Giving Tuesday, December 3rd 2019

Today is Giving Tuesday, it’s a day that follows the shopping and saving themed days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and the idea of it is to take that mindset of spending and put it back into the true spirit of the season and helping our fellow man. In Canada, GivingTuesday is an initiative of CanadaHelps and The GIV3 Foundation, and a total of 15 founding partners that was originally started in 2012 in the USA by the UN Foundation and the 92nd Street Y. Since it crossed the border they have been joined by thousands of Canadian charities, businesses and communities in a collective call to all Canadians to support charities of their choice. GivingTuesday now includes more than 150 countries.


This call has been growing louder with every year and last year, the sixth annual GivingTuesday in Canada, it exceeded all expectations. Over 6,500 partners came together and millions of Canadians joined in, creating national awareness, recognition and a massive impact on donations (+ 785% at CanadaHelps since 2012) and other forms of giving.


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When it comes to the local charities they have not yet individually come up with their own events specific to Giving Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean they are not involved. Overall there are more than 30 partners in Brantford as part of Giving Tuesday, which you can browse on their interactive map. These include, Brant-Norfolk Habitat for Humanity, Brant-Haldimand-Norfolk-Hamilton-Halton Alzheimer’s Society, Brant United Way, Nova Vita, and the Lansdowne Children’s Centre Foundation, among many others. If you have a particular charity of choice in the area then Today is a fantastic day to reach out and see how they could use your assistance.


There was a recent study done in the United States conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Vitamin Angels, and shared by the NY Post, which examined American’s charitable habits ahead of Giving Tuesday and they found the top 10 good deeds they do are:

  1. Helped someone with directions: 66 percent
  2. Held the door open for a stranger: 65 percent
  3. Let someone with fewer items go in front of me in line at a store: 60 percent
  4. Helped someone cross the street: 60 percent
  5. Completed a chore/errand for a family member or friend: 56 percent
  6. Gave a dollar or so to charity when checking out while shopping: 56 percent
  7. Donated clothes to a thrift store: 55 percent
  8. Helped someone carry their groceries home: 55 percent
  9. Returned a lost item that I found: 55 percent
  10. Paid for a stranger’s meal: 53 percent


These are some simple ways people have helped others that didn’t require large amounts of money, or a lot of effort on their part. Simple things can add up to a better world.


If you’re looking for a way to give that doesn’t require much to effect a big impact you may want to check out the Arise in Mexico for Christmas Dinner campaign currently under way in which we are teaming up with Eagle Worldwide Ministries to help feed families in Mexico a delicious and hot Christmas Dinner.


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