Gift Of Flowers Cheer Up Hamilton Residents – GNSOTD Tue, Apr 7th 2020

Laurie Brady, 47, said she and other residents in the Kirkendall neighbourhood of Hamilton came upon some surprises on the weekend.

Brady was returning home from walking her dog on Saturday afternoon to find a large pot of magenta flowers on her doorstep. It was a gesture that put a smile on her face during this difficult time. “What a nice thing for people to do,” Brady said. “It’s so nice to see the kindness of strangers and generosity.”

But who were the flowers from? And how did 10,000 plants, including hydrangeas and chrysanthemums, find their way across Hamilton, Beamsville and Smithville?

The answer was found in a note attached to the flowers;

“This virus has isolated us socially for a time but we know God is in control of this too. We have plants that currently don’t have a home and we would like to spread some cheer to you and your family. The message of hope in this time is the message of Good Friday and Easter, which is written down for us in John 3:16-18. May that message bring peace and a call to serve God!
From the Ravensbergen family.
Smithville, Ontario”

The Ravensbergen family operates Ravensbergen Greenhouses in Smithville, Ontario, whose general manager William Ravensbergen, said “(We) couldn’t operate as a normal store, (there was) no place for our product anymore and we felt we had to get these plants into homes, otherwise they would be thrown into a compost pile.”

But this one family couldn’t drop off 10,000 flowers themselves. Half of the handout was sponsored by a Stoney Creek-based company that wanted to remain anonymous, and the rest of the plants were donated by the Ravensbergens. The deliveries were handed across lower Hamilton and Dundas by volunteers from Blessings Christian Church, Grace Valley Church and Mercy Christian Church. 

It is a beautiful act which will bring joy to many communities through Easter and it’s your Good News Story of the Day; which you can find in full here. Who would have considered florists and greenhouses in this time? But they thought of others. The love of God can be found in the simple things.

Story and Image from CBC News.

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