Georgia Food Writer Opens Restaurant For Special Customer – GNSOTD Tue, Oct. 27th 2020

In Atlanta, Georgia, food writer Angela Hansberger found herself out of work, as so many did, when the pandemic began. She can’t write about restaurants when they are closed. “I was facing a lot of anxiety. I kind of hid it,” said Hansberger. Like so many, she was forced to deal with her sadness over her own plight, as well as all those in the industry she worked with, on her own.

So she began to do something unusual; she used the ingredients in her garden, and her knowledge of fine dining, to open a little restaurant on her front porch. The only thing is, this restaurant didn’t serve people, it served chipmunks. Or, perhaps just one chipmunk.

Angela set up a little table to serve her dishes at and at least one chipmunk has been showing up for months for his daily lunch, one she has named Thelonious Munk.

She has been making veggie pizzas with side salads, imitation sushi with walnut wontons, mini spaghetti with tiny date meatballs and a thimble full of almond flour breadsticks, and all kinds of tiny dishes fit for a chipmunk. She even learned how to make tiny tortillas! Theleonious might eat better than most, and he seems to appreciate it. “One day he came up with this little tiny bundle – waded up leaves – and put it on the table. So, I take it to mean he brought a tip,” Angela said. Angela says he typically arrives within seconds of serving, eats his fill, packs the rest to go and heads off.

This has become Angela’s way of coping, her daily smile that gets her through. It’s also your Good News Story of the Day, and if you want to see a bit more about Thelonious Munk and Angela, you can find it here.

For Hansberger, this bit of silliness has become her daily sustenance. When asked what this has done for her, she responded, “It’s brought joy. I have more videos of this chipmunk than I have of my children. It’s bad.” We all need to find a way to cope during this pandemic, we hope you have found yours.

Story and Image from CBS News.

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