Games To Liven Up Your Holiday Party

It’s 2020, so you may have already gotten your feet wet with online gatherings through one video chat software or another. You might also have hit the awkward moments when you’re not sure what to do after everyone has exchanged their pleasantries and caught up. Not to worry, you can still be a good host and have a whole bunch of classic as well as modern games that everyone can enjoy and play online.

Here are 13 games that will liven up your next holiday party:

1. Name That Holiday Tune

A classic guessing game with classic festive tunes. As the host, you’ll need a festive playlist to get this one going. Whoever can correctly guess the most holiday songs gets to pick the next venture. Start off with a modern classic like Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

2. Santa Hat Movie Drinking Game

Take that old magic hat (aka a Santa hat) and pop it on the corner of your TV or laptop while watching a holiday film with your guests. For every time the hat looks as if it’s on a character’s head, take a sip.

3. Gift Wrapping Race

For those of us with the gift of gift wrapping, this game will be fun and competitive. Have your guests all choose a gift (or a plain box) from under their trees (or anywhere!) that are about the same size and start the time to see who can wrap the fastest. Bonus points if it’s neat too.

4. Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

As video chat allows us to have a window into the outside world, it also allows us to show off the sole reason most of us go to Christmas parties, anyway: an ugly Christmas sweater contest.

5. Guess The Candy Game

You’ll need a jar, of course, and a lot of candy. Fill the jar up with a various number (that only you know) of yummy holiday candies and have your friends guess the exact amount.

6. Never Have I Ever: Holiday Edition

Taking it back to those college days except now you won’t have to worry about losing as fast. Have you ever forgotten a gift for a family member? Ever waited until Christmas Eve to get your family gifts? Or re-gifted your friend what they gave you? We’ve all been there.

7. Holiday Trivia

Why have normal trivia questions when you can have holiday-themed trivia questions? Put your brain to the test with this fun and educational game. You and your guests won’t believe some of the things you thought you knew about the most wonderful time of the year. You may know things like how many reindeer were in Twas the Night Before Christmas, but do you know what the highest grossing holiday film ever is? The answers will surprise you.

8. Holiday Bingo

A round or two of Bingo is a great way to pass the time when you’re not sure what to play next. You can find holiday-themed bingo cards via a quick Google search.

9. Charades

Playing charades online with friends is one of the easier and more fun games. Split your guests into two teams and make sure everyone gets the current player highlighted in what ever chat you are using.

10. Scavenger Hunt

Just because parties have gone virtual, doesn’t mean you have to sit still. For this game, get your guests moving by sending them into the depths of their homes to find holiday-themed decorations. Spice it up by allowing each of your guests to choose an item everyone has to find. An ornament, stocking or perhaps a the star from your Christmas tree. This game will take the fun to new heights.

11. Holiday Jeopardy

Host your own game of holiday-themed jeopardy. Split your guests into two teams and play host as your friends try to figure out which reindeer’s name starts with the letter B.

12. Pictionary

Much like Charades, Pictionary is one of those classic games that leads to big fun. Grab a list of holiday buzzwords and draw away.

13. Virtual Games

JackboxHousepartyBunch, and others have been the source of some of the most fun online parties this year. Choose virtual game packs that include fun group games like Drawful and Fibbage and watch as your friends try their best to make sure their scribbles win the prize.


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