Four Students Save Guelph Senior – GNSOTD Friday, Nov 29th 2019

Nancy and Leonard Saunders of Guelph say they’re very thankful for four Grade 7 students who stopped to help after Nancy in early September, and likely saved her life. The day before their 50th wedding anniversary the seniors were in their home and it was time to take out the trash. Leonard was planning to put out the garbage when he fell inside their home. Nancy told him to lay down on the couch and she’d take the garbage out instead. This nearly turned into a tragedy as the 87 lbs Nancy was unable to control the blue bin and took a nasty fall on the driveway.


Fortunately for her a group of kids were passing by the home on the street and rushed over to check on her after hearing the noise. Darcy Wadden, Hunter Chaisson, Nathan Paddock and Ivy Bezusko are all Grade 7 students. Paddock attends Sacred Heart Catholic School while the others go to St. John’s Catholic School. They found Nancy on the ground with a fair bit of blood thanks to a broken nose. One of them, Wadden made the call to 911, while Paddock and Chaisson stayed with Nancy, and Bezusko went to get Leonard. In the end both seniors went to the hospital and credit the kids with saving Nancy’s life. They say they were just doing what anyone would do. “I’m glad that we could help her and that we did,” Chaisson said. “It’s crazy to know that we helped someone that much,” Paddock added.


But the kids also didn’t forget the couple after their September encounter. Now, each week, Wadden and Chaisson stop by to say hi to the Saunders and take the garbage bins to the curb. “It’s kind of nice for us to go back every week and it’s kind of a part of our schedule now,” Chaisson said. Nancy says she’s offered them money as a way of saying thanks, and the boys refused. She’s also told the boys they don’t have to keep putting out her bins each week, but they insist. “There’s no words for it,” she said. “We’re really blessed with these boys.”


It was blessed timing that had these boys where Nancy and Leonard needed them most when they needed them. It’s pure God given kindness that keeps these boys coming back every week to help out. It’s your Good News Story of the Day and you can find it here. May we all have such timing and kindness in our lives.


Story and Image from CBC.

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