Food You Might Not Want On A Road Trip

A road trip can be an absolute blast filled with music, friends, fresh air, and food. While there are plenty of road trip staples that can you take with you on the road, there are some you may want to think twice about before you pack them into the car.

1. Packaged Wraps or Sandwiches

Packaged sandwiches on the go may seem like a good idea at first, but not so much when you’re knee-deep on U.S. Highway 90 and haven’t seen a single stop for the last 30 miles. Packaged wraps or sandwiches are (hopefully) made daily for purchase, but by the time you’re ready to eat, it’s been sitting unrefrigerated for a few hours. If the contents contain anything like mayonnaise, it’s definitely not good for consumption and can lead to an upset stomach or worse.

2. Fast Food

Fast food is great if you’re ending a night out with friends and heading immediately home. But it can make you sluggish, and that’s not what you want when you’re driving. It’s also not good for long road trips where restroom breaks are sparse. Try holding it for 120 miles right after eating at In-N-Out.

3. Sunflower Seeds

This might be obvious to some, but there’s technically nothing wrong with sunflower seeds. Sure they’re high in fat, but everything in moderation is bearable. Eating and deposing the shells in a packed car on a long-distance trip might not be so pleasant for you or the passengers.

4. Milkshakes

Even though milkshakes are delicious, they’re still made with a lot of dairy which can upset your stomach.

5. Cooked Meats

Stick to a different protein for your next road trip. Unless you’re doing the actual cooking, you don’t know if said meat is fully cooked. Save yourself a bad gastronomic episode eat something else.

6. Soft Drinks or Seltzer

Anything bubbly is bad for long distance travel. It can lead to symptoms like upset stomach, nausea, and gas.

7. Candy

FODMAP are chain carbohydrates that can cause blockage in the small intestine which can lead to digestive discomfort. Candies are rich with FODMAP and probably not the best idea if you’re going to be sitting down for a long period of time.

8. Salty Chips

Chips in general are pretty bad for your health, but salty chips on long road trips can lead to uncomfortable bloating.

9. Beef Jerky

Even though beef jerky is synonymous with road trips, it actually contains a lot of sodium that makes you thirsty and later develops into a need for the restroom.

10. Anything with Tomatoes

Don’t blame us for ruining your road trip diet. Tomatoes are highly acidic and can upset your stomach. Even though everyday is a pizza day, it’s probably best to skip on your next road trip.

11. Citrus

Similar to tomatoes, oranges, lemons, limes, and anything citrus-y or acidic can make you want to urinate a lot.

12. Anything Spicy

Spicy food increases your body temperature and that might be a little uncomfortable on a long road trip with very few rest stops.

13. Coffee or Caffeinated Tea

Caffeine has a laxative effect that might cause upset stomach and diarrhea. Shot of energy or a straight shot to the bathroom, it’s your call.

Pistachios are also probably not a good idea for the same reason as sunflower seeds; though trail mix isn’t a bad choice. Assorted cheese, grapes, and good bread are also solid ideas. We also still will be taking beef jerky on our road trips; we’ll risk it!

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