Food For Fines At Libraries In US – GNSOTD Friday Apr 12th 2019

There is a program being run among many libraries across the United States, including in Arizona, as it is National Library Week for our neighbours to the south; it is the Food For Fines program, which some might be familiar with as local libraries have had similar programs in the past. As a matter of fact the Brantford Public Library ran this program previously.


The idea behind the program is that individuals who may have library overdue fees who would like to be able to use the services again have made the way easier by allowing them to be paid off with food donations. For every item donated some libraries will take up to $1 off what is due. The food is then collected to be given to a local food charity. So not only do people get access to the Library again and clear their names of any overdue fees but they also help out a good cause and feed those in need. It’s truly a win-win for everyone as the Library is mostly interested in getting people to come back in while still holding them accountable.


This is yet another initiative Libraries are taking to bring people back in to see what they have to offer, on top of other programs such as taking amounts off fees by using Library services such as attending events and seminars and even reading more books! What ever gets people to expand their horizons more and continue their learning is okay with them. And their willingness to do good deeds while forgiving the not so good is okay with us. Find more about your Good News Story of the Day here.


Story and Image from ABC15.

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