Feeding Front-line Workers – GNSOTD Wed, Apr 22nd 2020

A couple of people, Kathy Mayo and John Scott, were walking by a local business in the village of Elora when they came up with a very interesting idea of how to help their community; especially the front-line workers during this pandemic.

They thought they would start a fundraiser, crowdfunding through GoFundMe, and call it Lunch With Love. The idea being people could donate money to buy lunches that would go to essential workers in Centre Wellington.

They ended up with well over their $6,000 goal and will be able to not only give lunches to these frontline workers for a month, but also helped out that local business, you see; it was the Elora Cafe that inspired them, and the Cafe that will be getting the money to put the lunches together.

When you get the opportunity to help a local business at the same time as supporting those people who are most at risk right now? That’s beautiful! That’s your Good News Story of the Day! Which you can find here.

Or, half of it at least, because they weren’t the only ones with the idea!!

Sydney Lawson and her Husband came up with a similar idea and called it Hammer Feeds The Frontlines, only they are spreading the love among 10 local businesses in Hamilton! Now, they have not reached their $7,500 goal as of yet, but they are close! As is, they will be able to feed many people and help out quite a few of the businesses. You can find their story here.

This idea is not unique, obviously, and doesn’t belong to anyone. It could even be used to help your community. What would you call your effort? Which local restaurant/restaurants would you involve? Who would you want to benefit? If you can answer those questions; then you have yourself all you need to get it going. If you do, post the link to the fundraiser as a comment on our Facebook and you might even find yourself the subject of a Good News Story of the Day!

Stories and Image from CBC News.

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