Family Catches Mailman Having Fun [VIDEO]

A family in England wanted to see what would happen if they left a hopscotch game drawn on the sidewalk leading up to their house. Fortunately for them, one of the neighborhood mailmen was in a playful mood.

Jessica Hamersteen said the mailman who hopscotched his way up to the house wasn’t their normal mail carrier, Southwest News Service (SWNS) reported. While she didn’t recognize the man, she was apparently happy to see what he did when he noticed the hopscotch game drawn on the sidewalk.

Hamersteen’s doorbell camera captured the mailman as he hopped across the walkway.

Video: Postman enjoys a hopscotch | SWNS
From: Youtube

The game had reportedly been drawn on the sidewalk the previous evening by Hamersteen’s niece and nephew, using limestone rocks that Hamersteen’s husband had found earlier in the evening.

Source: Fox News.

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