Expensive Cars Less Likely To Stop For Pedestrians – Study Says

If you do a lot of walking around, it might benefit you to know a bit about what cars are more expensive than others, because according to a new study that information is relevant to your safety walking across the road.

According to a new study published in the Journal of Transport and Health, researchers from the University of Nevada found that people who drive fancier vehicles are less likely to share the road with other users and empathize less with pedestrians.

The study concluded that drivers of more expensive cars are less likely to stop and let pedestrians cross the street. The likelihood that the driver will slow down for pedestrians decreases by 3 percent for every extra $1,000 that the lavish vehicle costs.

Researchers assessed the theory by shuffling volunteers in and out of crosswalks hundreds of times, documenting each time a car came by and then analyzing the driver’s behavior.

The study theorized that drivers who were operating cars that cost more money may have “felt a sense of superiority over other road users,” the study explained, which would cause their “lack of yielding behavior.”

Source: People.

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