EU Power Comes Mostly From Renewables So Far This Year – GNSTOD Thur, July 23rd 2020

Renewable energy sources overtook fossil fuels as the European Union’s main generators of electricity in the first half of this year! “In the first half of 2020, renewables –- wind, solar, hydro and bioenergy — generated 40 percent of of the EU-27’s electricity, whereas fossil fuels generated 34 percent.” That’s according to a new report published Yesterday by the London-based think-tank Ember.

When the study broke it down, the amount of electricity generated by renewables in the EU’s 27 member states rose by 11 percent in the period from January to June. They also found that Fossil fuels, on the other hand, fell by 18 percent, squeezed both by rising renewable generation and a seven-percent fall in electricity demand due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

This has been a common occurrence from the Pandemic; as much as it is hurting people it’s also showing a big impact on pollution. In fact, as a result, the EU power sector’s emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) fell by about 23 percent.

Wind and solar alone reached a record of 21 percent of Europe’s total electricity generation, and reached even higher in some locations. Naturally in Denmark it was the greatest at 64 percent. But surprisingly Ireland had nearly half of their power generated this way, at 49 percent, and Germany was not far behind at 42 percent, the study said.

This stride toward an effort to combat climate change is your Good News Story of the Day, and you can find it in full here. If more efforts like this can happen it might even mean avoiding a potential Climate Crisis Catastrophe.

There is still work to be done; Poland now generates more coal-fired electricity than Germany, and also as much as the remaining 25 EU countries combined. Whilst most other countries, including Germany, have a plan to phase out coal, Poland doesn’t yet have a plan.

Read the full study here.

Story and Image from France 24.

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