Egg-celent Egg Sandwich Recipe

They call it a hack; but with the steps plainly laid out this is more of an efficient recipe to a fairly tasty egg sandwich!

For those of you who don’t like to wash a lot of dishes but do enjoy the taste of eggs on bread with cheese and bacon, you might want to give this particular method a try.

According to the video on TikTok which has received more than 21 million views, all you will need are a bowl, a frying pan, a spatula and a fork; along with a few eggs, slices of bread, pieces of bacon, and a bit of cheese.

You can view the video here:

The video does not give written instructions but is fairly simple to follow.

The recipe is to take your bacon, cook it in the pan, then remove it and drain most of the fat from the pan. Then mix your eggs in the bowl, add them to the pan, and season to taste. Then put your two pieces of bread in the eggs, dip them on both sides, then leave them in the pan as the eggs cook. When they are nearly cooked you flip the entire contents of the pan, add your cheese, bacon, and then fold the egg onto the bread and fold it into a sandwich. Finish cooking both sides of the bread and you’re done!

Very few dishes and what looks like (and according to Richard IS) a very tasty sandwich.

Source: AldenteDiva on TikTok.

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