Drop-In Centre In Hamilton Threatened With Closure

There are times where your desires, dreams, and inspirations will be challenged. There will be times when you see something good in the world being threatened and you might find yourself wondering what it is you can do about it. There might even be times when you feel completely overwhelmed and helpless in the face of obstacles. But never believe that there is nothing you can do. There are always actions to be taken.


Right now there is a resource in Hamilton that is being threatened with closure: The drop-in centre for the homeless cazlld Wesley Day Centre run by Wesley Urban Ministries. It operates on Ferguson Avenue but will be forced to close by August 23rd because the landlord isn’t renewing the lease. This closure will be the loss of an important resource for the homeless in that city. But it doesn’t have to close. There is currently a suggestion that Hamilton Council do something about it and they expect the issue to be brought up in their meetings. With that information let’s look at what any individual can do about it.


  1. Be Informed: Familiarize yourself with some reasons why it is vital that the Day Centre continue by reading articles such as this one by Dr. Jill Wiwcharuk in RaiseTheHammer.
  2. Petition: Endorse the open letter to Mayor Fred Eisenberger and Council, either as a concerned individual or on behalf of a community group you lead.
  3. Be Involved In The Politics: Share information about the meeting of the Emergency and Community Services (formerly Healthy and Safe Communities) committee at City Hall Council Chambers, 2nd floor, on Thursday June 20, at 1:30 PM, where Dr Jill and others discussed the closing of the Wesley Day Centre. You can see the agenda here (the delegations are item 6). This is where the suggestion was made that options could be considered at the next Hamilton Council meeting.
  4. Be Active In Person: Come to the rally on Tuesday, June 25, noon at City Hall
  5. Encourage Others To Be Active: If you can’t attend, direct others to it on the day via social media attention and your personal networks. Here is the link for the Facebook event.


While this list specifically deals with the closing of the Wesley Day Centre and activities occurring this week, the ideas can be applied to many causes that may face challenges. From homelessness to climate change, from the hungry to the sick, there are causes and people who need attention and help and these are ways to achieve that.


But the one key that connects it all is simple: Act.

If we don’t act then nothing is all that will happen.

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