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When it comes to sports it is well known they breed a competitive environment with everyone striving and doing their best to win. Quite often winning is placed before everything else, but occasionally we are reminded of good sportsmanship, that admirable trait that lifts sport up from a negative environment to a positive one. That is what your Good News Story of the Day is about; and today’s story evokes great moments in sports, such as when golfer Bobby Jones called a penalty stroke on himself costing himself the 1925 US Open, or when Tennis player Jack Sock told his opponent to challenge a call ultimately costing him the match.


This was for a State Wrestling Championship in New York state which saw a pair of young rivales, Marek Bush and Logan Patterson competing at the junior level. At the top of their game these two met in what was shaping up to be a fantastic match which Logan was winning until the final 30 seconds where, unfortunately, he received an injury which surely would cost him the match. Except the young man facing off against Logan wasn’t just any competitor; he was a man of character. Marek displayed that character in an act of great sportsmanship when he told his coach “I got this” and went back into the match with just one plan; surrender it. He knew Logan had been besting him and that had the final seconds played out it most likely would have been Patterson’s victory and that winning due to injury wasn’t right.


What makes the moment even more powerful is what young Mr. Bush had to say about his choice; “I know it makes me look kind of like a weakling,” Marek said. The referee of the match had thoughts on that, “He’s no weakling, at all,” said Terry Kavanaugh, “I mean, state championships come and go but that — you can’t take that away from a kid.”


His father Bob Bush also agreed, “It’s not about winning all the time, it’s about doing what’s right. And he did,” Bob said. So while Marek Bush may have lost the match, lost the state championship, he won the hearts of the audience and gave a brilliant example of what sports should bring out in people. That is more than enough to warrant being your Good News Story of the Day. Read more about their meet up here.


Image and Story from CBS News.

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