Denver Woman Feeding The Homeless Every Saturday For 20 Years – GNSOTD

It started with sack lunches on a street corner and now it is a staple of survival for many of Denver’s homeles as Gloria Hoffer has been taking over a downtown street corner in Denver every Saturday for 20 years to feed the homeless.


And all because her young son said he was bored one day. “I taught him that this isn’t about you, it’s about helping others. So I got him out here, and he grew up doing this.” She calls it her own personal ministry and it goes beyond food, which is provided out of her own pocket, it also includes clothes or what ever they might need. “I hope what they get out of this is that they are loved. To know that they can stop for a minute and know that God loves me.” Said Gloria.


Whether you decide that it is food served on a street corner, a smile and a hug given along with your spare change, or a pair of gloves to someone sitting outside on a cold day; remember that these are all your neighbours and should be treated well.


Read more about your Good News Story of the Day and watch a video on the story here.


Image and information from CBS Denver.

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