Dense Fog Making For Dangerous Morning Drive Tuesday, March 3rd

Heavy fog has settled into parts of Southern Ontario in patches which could lead to low or zero visibility. Expect delays on your morning commute if you head out before the fog lifts.

This fog has a Fog Advisory in effect from Environment Canada.

Dense fog patches with tricky driving conditions this morning.

Areas of dense fog with near zero visibility will continue to affect the region this morning.

In addition, with temperatures near or a little below the zero degree mark in some areas, untreated roads may suddenly become icy and slippery.

Motorists should drive according to the weather and road conditions and allow extra time to reach their destination. The morning commute to work may be affected in many areas.

Fog is expected to lift later this morning.

Visibility may be significantly and suddenly reduced to near zero. If visibility is reduced while driving, slow down, watch for tail lights ahead and be prepared to stop.

Drive safely this morning, drive according to conditions, slow down and be prepared to stop in heavy fog and ensure your lights are on.

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