Dallas Coffee Shop Helps Former Foster Kids – GNSOTD Fri, Mar 13th 2020

In Dallas, Texas, there is a coffee shop that has become a safe haven for foster kids. To be specific, La La Land Kind Cafe takes care of the kids who have aged out of the system with no where to go and no other support.

In Texas, more than 1,200 youth aged out of the system last year, many would have ended up homeless. That’s the case with Ciara Morton, a barista at the shop, who said “If this light never came into my life, I would be suffering from depression.”

Ciara says La La Land is a place she can finally call home. She said the best part of working there is “having a support system with me. Having people who believe in me — that gives me ambition. It lets me work at my goals and believe in myself. That is my favorite part.”

La La Land Kind Cafe owner, Francois Reihani, created a program where foster youth learn how to make it in the real world by working at the shop. So far 9 kids have been brought into the store. “We’re not in the business of coffee — we’re definitely in the business of kindness,” said Francois.

This dedication to kindness isn’t always profitable, and that just makes it even better, that for Francois, the money is less important than helping. Look to your Good News Story of the Day, and watch the video here. Then remember what Francois said – “there’s a balance in life, right? We have a duty to our society to help the ones who are in need, right?”

Story and Image from CBS News.

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