Dad Jokes Bring Joy To Community – GNSOTD Fri, June 19th 2020

Tom Schruben, from Kensington, Maryland was feeling a little glum, as many of us are. He’s a self-employed worker in the environmental field who was ordered to stay at home due to the COVID-19 coronavirus and that will make just about anyone a little grumpy.

He wanted to jump start his own day with a laugh and so he started posting a sign at the end of his drive with a Bad Dad Joke. Apparently the suggestion came from his wife Amy, who pointed out he loves all things corny and his 11 year old daughter Darcy helps him pick the jokes that he puts out, so you don’t have to feel for them, they are in on the joke.

These bad jokes haven’t only helped Tom out. As they continue the practice more and more people would walk by their home to see the days joke, enough so that they made the news. That news article led to even more people coming to see and laugh.

Tom’s favourite is “If two vegans get into an argument, is it still considered a beef?”

But that first news article helped bring even more bad jokes into the mix as he was flooded with ideas. Which makes this next part even more interesting.

He has decided to look for the worst-of-the-worst dad joke. He’s holding a Father’s Day Bad Dad Joke contest, with entries costing a suggested donation of at least $5. He plans to send all money he collects to Martha’s Table, the D.C.-based nonprofit that supports children and families. Jokes are being accepted until Saturday, and the winner will have the honor of seeing the joke shared on Tom’s sign for Father’s Day.

Jokes can be submitted on Tom’s Facebook pageInstagram or by placing them in a box in front of his home. His rules state: “While we love original humor — the BAD DAD JOKES genre is rooted in sharing the collected wisdom of the ages — so stealing a great joke is expected but attribute if you can. Of course kids are welcome to send me their jokes as there’s no age limit for Bad Dad Jokes! And no worries if not a DAD as we welcome “FAUX PAS” too.”

This bit of laughter every day for so many and that it’s being used to help a good cause mean this Good News Story of the Day is sure to bring a smile, and there’s much more too it; you can find it in full here.

But if you decide to follow Tom on social media then you should know the reactions mean a lot to him. “I try not to let on how much a thumbs-up emoji means to me,” he said. “And a ‘ha-ha’ means the day’s going to be great.”

Story and Image from The Washington Post.

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