Dad Entertains Kids With Video Creation And Goes Viral

On the video platform Tik Tok, viral videos are popping up left and right; people who would otherwise be occupied are spending their spare time being funny, creative, or constructive and putting it on video to share online.

One Dad decided to enter the Tik Tok stage as a way to entertain his young daughters; and they now have not one, but TWO, viral hits with over 1.5 million views!

The first came a while ago when 29-year-old Bradley O’Riordan of Brentwood, Essex, and his girlfriend 28-year-old Jade Mitchell competed in an indoor high jump contest.

But the latest hit has the internet gushing over how cute it is. It shows what can only be described as a human crane machine; the operator is Brad’s 11 year-old-daughter Lacey with a set of controls made out of some print paper, a screw driver, and a trash can. Beyond is a shower with a bunch of toys in it, and Brad’s other daughter, 6 year-old Paris, being held upside down by her dad as she goes for the toy.

It’s sweet and fun and you can find it in the link below:

Apparently the only issue in making the video was that the trash can was new, and Jade wasn’t sure about damaging it. Brad wasn’t bothered however and here we are.

We can’t all be viral video hit makers like Brad O’Riordan is, but this is a good reminder that parents are going the extra mile for their kids during this time at home. Keeping them entertained isn’t easy!

Source: Cafe Mom.

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