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An unlikely pair of friends have inspired kindness in many who caught sight of their cute photos together. Herman is a pigeon. His best buddy is little Lundy, a newborn chihuahua puppy.

The two met through the Mia Foundation, a rescue organization in Rochester, New York, that rehabilitates animals with birth defects and physical deformities. You see, Herman suffered neurological damage more than a year ago; meaning he can’t fly, and Lundy can’t use his back legs.

Sue Rogers, the nonprofit’s founder, discovered the two could be good friends when she set them down together one day and noticed they almost immediately cuddled up peacefully. It was so cute she had to take a few photos to post online.

I see a new friendship blooming ❤️Herman and Lundy 😊

Posted by The Mia Foundation – Love For Mia on Thursday, February 13, 2020

The response was impressive, donations and messages of support came flooding in with some hoping to adopt one or both, and others asking they never be separated. The money will be incredibly useful; the foundation raised $6,000 in two days, enough to cover the high-end cost of veterinary surgery that many of her rescue animals require.

Donations aside, the cuteness of the two critters is certainly worth noting and your Good News Story of the Day today is just to enjoy the sweet moments when you find them. Find out all about Herman and Lundy here. It’s also even better knowing that while Rogers does send most of her rescues to foster homes around the US, she keeps a few of them for school programs about bullying.

Imagine those two cuties helping kids understand why bullying is bad. Too precious!

Story and Image from CNN.

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