Classmates Help Boy Who Lost Everything In Fire – GNSOTD Thursday, Oct 3rd 2019

It’s a story that started with a post on Facebook, and then quickly went viral. It’s about when Tennessee third-grader Daniel Hunt’s home burned down, and how he lost everything only to be gifted something incredible by his classmates.


In the week following the devastating Sept. 21 house fire, the 8-year-old’s classmates “couldn’t love him enough,” Philadelphia Elementary School counselor Kelly Jones said. His fellow Philly “Warriors” held doors for him, got his pencil ready for him each morning, took his chair down from his desk for him to sit in — and made sure he played at recess. But that was not all they did. They also were doing something loving by bringing things in to surprise Daniel with. “The kids could not wait to do this for Daniel.”


One thing they didn’t do: spill the beans about all the toys they were stockpiling for him. “They kept the best secret,” says Jones. That’s how on Friday, the third-graders excitedly waited for Hunt to enter the classroom before yelling “Surprise!” Hunt was left speechless. When he found his voice, he called for a group hug. “I love it! Everyone come here,” he said, with his arms wide open.


Last week, one of our Warriors, Daniel Hunt, lost all of this belongings in a house fire. His 3rd grade teachers and…

Posted by Philadelphia Elementary School on Friday, 27 September 2019


“Every adult and even a few students had tears swelling up in their eyes who were in the room to witness this,” Jones says. We can believe it and if you want to give it a look for yourself, you can find it in your Good News Story of the Day here. It’s also so telling that rather than rushing to the games, toys, or any of the items on his desk the first thing young Daniel wanted to do was hug his classmates. “I feel extremely blessed to have witnessed the pure love and giving from the hearts of the third-grade students at my school,” says Jones. Truly a blessing.


Story from ABC News.

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