Charcuterie Wreaths

There has been a bit of a switch away from traditional holiday treats and decorations to one with more cheese and meats. Charcuterie is the hot new trend and recently someone came up with a new way of enjoying these savory platters. And it is themed around the holidays.

You might have heard about the Charcuterie chalet, a replacement for the Gingerbread house for those who don’t like gingerbread, but while they look impressive that is a lot of work to assemble and eat.

But what about a Charcuterie Christmas wreath?! One charcuterie aficionado is Cynthia Baysinger, the owner of Modern Brie, a custom charcuterie small business in Gilbert, Arizona. If you look up #Charcutewreath on Instagram you will find many are giving credit for inspiration to her.

This is the original charcutewreath that many people have emulated. Baysinger has been making boards for fun since 2016 and started her business in 2020. She got the idea for the wreath design after her sister suggested it. “I had never seen anything like it before, and so I started creating,” she explains. For this board, Baysinger used brie, Truffle Tremor, cheddar, and blue cheese. The meats include salami and prosciutto. The small bowls have fig jam and honeycomb. She also added star cookies “to give it some extra holiday flare.” All the ingredients are creatively layered around the edge of a round wood cheese board.

Using fresh rosemary or other edible herbs as the greenery you can decorate it with meats, cheeses, and toppings of your choice! The selection of those that you can find goes well beyond the grocery store. If you have never taken the moment to appreciate the variety of Cheesemakers that exist in this part of Ontario then you are missing out. There is an entire Cheese Trail in Oxford.

Add to that the numerous butchers in the area and you can outfit a charcuterie board with treats specifically catered to your palette. If you’ve never tried one before don’t be afraid to ask the shop keepers what they recommend! Many are happy to help you find something you like and offer samples if they aren’t too busy. They can also recommend items to go with what you buy.

Once you get used to charcuterie, maybe try putting together your own Charcutewreath. It’s easy, beautiful, themed, and delicious.


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