Chalk Art To Help Kids And Neighbourhood – GNSOTD Wednesday, Sept 18th 2019

It all started on a sidewalk in an Ann Arbor, Michigan, neighbourhood when one mom was watching kids walk to school passing in front of her house; she wondered to herself if they knew the game hop scotch. So she took some sidewalk chalk and drew out the game. She was then able to watch as the kids played while they passed her home. She then decided that she could do something more, the kids were looking down already, and she added positive messages to help them in their day. That is how she changed her, her family, and her neighbourhoods lives.


Chalking has become Britt Hueter’s routine every morning. Drawing her hop scotch squares, and then plenty of circles with messages to inspire those who pass her door has kept her out-front of her home where she has been able to meet and greet her neighbours, it gets the kids and her husband out of the house as well. Hueter is addicted to chalking now, she said. When school is out, she writes messages intended more for adults walking their dogs. When winter comes, she plans to chalk whenever there’s no snow. The family painted a wall with chalkboard paint so they can have a canvas even when the sidewalks aren’t available, she said.


Though she’ll occasionally slip in one of her own, most of the quotes Hueter uses are “generously, thankfully and gratefully stolen,” she said. Her personal favorite is “the way you speak to yourself matters.” While elementary school kids benefit from the boost, Hueter said she feels middle-schoolers especially need kindness, positivity and affirmation. She said she didn’t have enough of those things at that age, and she wants to make sure others do. She plans to chalk messages at a nearby middle school soon. This dedication to kindness if your Good News Story of the Day and you can find it here.


“I try to lay out things that I wish somebody would’ve told me when I was a kid,” Hueter said. “We can change the shape of the world with kids.”


Story and Image from MLive.

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