Celebrating Her Birthday On The Job Nurse Loved By Coworkers – GNSTOD Tuesday May 14th 2019

Florence “SeeSee” Rigney who spent her birthday bustling around the hospital in her scrubs, smiled modestly when MultiCare officials sang her happy birthday during a short ceremony and plans to have dinner at McMenamins with her daughter and son-in-law. These sound like a wonderful way to spend a day and no surprise as many people have to work on their Birthdays. But Florence Rigney is no ordinary individual; Rigney, believed to be the oldest registered nurse in the country, turned 94 Wednesday. She’s been working as nurse since 1946 and plans to stay at Tacoma General Hospital “until they kick me out.”


And she is no slouch either, reportedly running circles around “the kids” in her duties. In more than 15 years, she has only called in sick one day. Her absence prompted the entire nursing staff to call and check on her. She also did retire briefly in 1990, it lasted a bare few months before she came back. “I never intended to stay this long,” Rigney said. “It’s come to be a bit of a challenge. I keep thinking I’m going to retire.”


It’s just another day in the life of a woman who loves what she does, helping others in their worst moments, ensuring that the Doctors do their best work in her surgical ward. Imagine the comfort she brings to the patients on the operating table whose hands she holds. Truly she is a beautiful gift from God and bless her for sticking it out. Read more about Florence “SeeSee” Rigney in your Good News Story of the Day here.


Story and Image from The News Tribune.

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