Carrollton Police Officers Help Man In Need After Well-fare Check – GNSOTD Thur, Dec. 3rd 2020

Down in Carrollton, Texas there is a police officer who’s act of kindness over the weekend, that was captured on body camera video, is now going viral for it’s compassion.

According to the Carrollton Police Department, during a routine audit of body camera videos, officers stumbled across a welfare concern call on Saturday. Police said the callers had reported that a homeless man’s wheelchair had broken down and left him stranded.

The video shows one of the officers who responded to the call taking it upon themselves to not just check on the man, but to then make their way to a local pharmacy, where they purchase a new wheelchair for the man.

In the video you can watch them bring the wheelchair to the man on the street who asks how much he owes them and the answer comes, “Nothing, This is for you.” A gift of a brand new, fully functioning, wheelchair to get the man back on the move.

Watch the video:

This kind of compassion is what we need more of; whether it is from the police or anyone else. And it’s your Good News Story of the Day. Find it here.

If you find yourself in a position to protect people, protect them from that which would harm them by caring for their needs. If you are to serve, serve as Jesus did, without anger, prejudice, or worry for yourself.

Story and Image from NBC DFW.

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