Bunny Has Been Found – GNSOTD Tuesday, Nov 26th, 2019

It was a sad tale that caught the attention of many earlier this month when Jim Maginnis, a 58-year-old squadron leader in the Royal Air Force, lost his family’s favourite stuffed critter, Bunny. He was aboard a vintage WWII Lancaster bomber plane with his 26-year-old daughter Victoria; who had arranged for them to go up in the plane through the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, who own one of the only two still flying in the world. They brought their favourite friend and good luck charm, a stuffed bunny named ‘Bunny’ along for the ride.


Bunny was Victoria’s stuffed animal for 25 years, going to her first day of school, family vacations and even her move to Toronto, and she had used him to help her dad 10 years ago when she snuck Bunny into his navigation bag in 2009 when Maginnis left to serve a tour in Afghanistan. “I was tired, I was miserable, I was fed up,” Jim said. “And there [Bunny] was, just sitting in the middle of Kandahar, looking up at me.” A very special friend indeed.


During the Lancaster flight, Maginnis spotted the a glass domed turret and thought it would be a perfect photo opportunity for Bunny. He balanced the stuffed animal between the guns and took a picture when the plane banked, a sudden shift in pressure occurred, and then she was gone. “I hadn’t realized the fact that it was an un-pressurized aircraft and there’s open gun-ports, where the guns would have traversed up and down,” he said. “The pilot put the aircraft into a turn, the slipstream changed, and there was sort of a pop, and Bun’ had gone.” dozens of volunteers spent the next weeks looking for Bunny with no luck. The area where she had gone down was surrounded in bush and it was thought she might have been lost for good.


Fortunately, that’s not the end of the story. Two HVAC workers at CAMA Woodlands Long Term Care Home in Burlington found a bit of a surprise when they went to work on the building a stuffed bunny sitting upright on the duct work. “It took a minute for it to get into our brains (that this was Bunny),” says HVAC worker Kevin Vanderwal. “I mean, for the bunny to land upright like that, and the building is surrounded by tall trees and bush.” It seems that Bunny’s good luck didn’t end with the people she accompanied, but also with her own aim. Now Bunny is being kept under lock and key at the home until Victoria can make her way over on Saturday.



Cherished family items, like Bunny, can carry far more than stitches and stuffing and the loss of them can hit hard. But their return can be so sweet. It’s your Good News Story of the Day, find it here, and a quite possibly a good reason to give that old favourite toy a big squeeze and a thanks for all the good times.


Story and Image from The Spec.

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