Broom Challenge Fools Social Media Again

The viral broom challenge made the rounds of social media on Monday this week, claiming that NASA said broomsticks can only stand upright on February 10th due to the Earth’s gravitational pull that day. And so, dutifully, plenty of videos popped up online, including a number of Social Media influencers and Celebrities, trying this #broomchallenge out and seeing if their brooms could stand up unaided.

Some were successful,

others less so;

This, however, is clearly a fake story: a broom can potentially stand on its own any day of the year. This is also not the first time this claim has made the rounds on Social Media. The first was back in 2012.

It’s also a good teachable moment for internet users. NASA told PEOPLE in a statement, “This is another social media hoax that exemplifies how quickly pseudoscience and false claims can go viral. While this hoax was harmless, it also shows why it’s important for all of us to do some fact checking and research — including checking in with @NASA and for real science fun facts — before jumping into the latest viral craze.”

Another reminder to look into things for yourself before you jump on the bandwagon.

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