British Study On Music Shows Impressive Impact On Wellbeing

We are likely all familiar that music is beneficial, but the researchers over at The British Academy of Sound Therapy have been studying musics effects with intent to break down the numbers of it.

What they found is rather interesting and worth noting as it sort of leads to a daily allowance of music to accomplish certain results!

For example; if you’re listening to music in order to relax, as apparently 90% of us do, then you’re going to want to listen to music with a slow tempo, simple melody, and no lyrics. They found that if you do that it takes 13 minutes for music to help you relax. They found it is the same amount of time listening to music with lyrics you connect to to release sadness! But if you are just trying to feel happy then all you need is music with a driving rhythm, fast tempo and happy lyrical content and 9 minutes!

The power of music really is remarkable! They also found it takes 13 minutes for music to help you concentrate. And you can learn all about it and what else they found by checking out their Study in its entirety.

But we have to agree with their take-away; “It seems that 13 isn’t unlucky after all! 3 of our recommended daily allowances for music was 13 minutes showing that just small amounts of time can make a big difference to your wellbeing.”

So put on your favourite station and just let the music do it’s thing!

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