Bored 3-Year-Old Raises Big Money For K9s – GNSOTD Thursday, Sept 19th 2019

Many parents have had the issue of trying to occupy a toddler while they carry out one task or another. When that task is a 3-day long yard sale it becomes a bit trickier, how do you keep a 3-year-old occupied for 3 days? Well, Molly Stephens came up with the idea of having her daughter, Lainie, hold a lemonade stand. They decided the beneficiary of the lemonade stand should be the community funded K9 unit for the Germantown, Wisconsin, Police.


She thought her daughter’s stand would be a good learning experience, a bit of fun, and help out a little; she anticipated about $40 in donations. But when Germantown Police Chief Peter Hoell stopped by and posted a photo of Lainie and the stand on the department’s Facebook page, it got much bigger. The post received over 100 shares and by the end of the weekend people were coming from all over the town to try her lemonade. She ended up being able to donate over $700 to the unit.


Lainie hand delivered the money to the police department, which will help the department purchase another K9 and an accompanying squad car, Lt. Todd Grenier said. It is a wonderful result and your Good News Story of the Day which you can find here. But it is also an important lesson that a child can be occupied in helpful ways, that small acts of good can grow big, and that having a cute kid selling your lemonade doesn’t hurt sales.


Story and Image from CNN.

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