Best And Worst Places To Raise A Family According To Asher & Lyric

New research by travel site Asher & Lyric has broken down the best places to live in order to raise a family. To determine the most and least family-friendly countries, the couple rated 35 countries that are part of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development forum (OECD) according to safety, happiness, cost, health, education and time (which was gauged by paid maternity/paternity leave, vacation days, hours worked, paid sick leave, and other factors).

They chose to use OECD countries because they have reliable data in a range of key topics related to their study. They also ranked these countries by the top 5 best and worst for each of the categories.

Their study determined that Iceland is the best country and Mexico is the worst country when it comes to trying to raise a family.

It might surprise you to learn that the United States ranked in at 34th thanks to very poor scores in safety, cost, and time. In fact when it comes to cost and time, they were ranked the worst of the worst. And they were second only to Mexico in worst rankings for safety; largely due to their homicide numbers and the numbers of school shootings.

As for Canada, we clocked in at 19, just ahead of Poland and behind New Zealand. We did well with happiness, and had reasonable scores in health and safety. But we suffered in time and did very poorly in the cost category.

You can see the results of the study, as well as the factors used in determining results, in a very handy and easily understood graphic here.

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