Beloved Community Crossing Guard Gets Recognized – GNSOTD Monday Jan 14

There are members of the community who often deserve more recognition than they are given. How many times have you been on your way out to work or school in the morning and passed those people in their reflective vests holding their stop sign and directing children, parents, and traffic to ensure everyone gets where they are going safely in the morning? School crossing guards are an often underappreciated yet important part of communities; but not in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


There is a man there by the name of Wallace Peoples and they call him Mr. Peoples, and he surely takes care of his peoples. He has only worked there for two years but already parents and students have noticed his quality of care and character. And so when he missed a bit of work due to his car breaking down and having to spend a bit of time in hospital in December; the families of Sherwood Forest Elementary took notice of that too.


When they found out what had happened they sent out a call online to the community and the offers of help came pouring in, in the end Mr. Peoples ended up with a new SUV and some money to help toward his medical costs; “Now I know they care,” Peoples said, teary-eyed. “It’s good to know that people care.” Peoples says he looks forward to arriving to work even earlier in his new ride and plans to never leave the families of Sherwood Forest Elementary School.


It is good to take a moment to recognize the members of your community who take care of others and do so well. So for the Brantford area Today those whose children attend Lansdowne-Costain should recognize Mr. Patrick who never fails to remember the kids names or greet them with a smile and a wave whether they are crossing his street or arriving in a car.


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Story and Image from Stitch on WXII12.

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