Being Stuck At Home Leading To A Number Of Home Repairs, Some Have Regrets.

A new survey says that a majority of respondents noticed home improvement projects while they were stuck in the house during the coronavirus lockdowns. Nearly 78 percent of people questioned said they noticed new projects and these projects include both repairs and updates.

It’s easy to ignore the things around the home that need work when you are busy going about your life outside of the home; but with the shut downs the opportunities to be out of the home became few.

The jobs that were noticed were not always small tasks, according to the survey, conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Leviton, the average respondent would need over $680 to complete their top three repairs.

The survey also stated that many decided to give the work a go themselves, rather than call a professional, and 7 out of 10 said it did not turn out how they had imagined it. Ten percent of respondents said that it looked worse after their work than it had before they tried.

These numbers, along with knowing the average home improvement attempt reportedly had an average of three things go wrong with it, should deter other would be home repair workers. The main problem apparently was “incorrect assembly,” and there were reports of incorrect parts being purchased and that some suffered injuries during a home repair attempt.

Source: Fox News.

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