Be Kind Movement Continues Growing – GNSTOD Mon, Aug 31st 2020

A kindness movement from Ginni Bonnell’s angels has been spreading around the world. Who is Ginni Bonnell and who are her angels? Well, they are a group of people who decided that the message “Be Kind” needed to be shared.

It all started when Ginni was on a walk and found whiteboard that had been discarded. She decided to re-purpose it and encourage acts of kindness; so she wrote positive messages on it and placed it in her front yard.

Drivers passing by would occasionally honk at the sign, and that caused Ginni to want to keep up this kind of thing. But her little found billboard was no match for the elements. That’s when she created her sign with the message that would resonate. A little wooden sign, with a red heart, and the words “Be Kind” painted on it. She hung it over her garage to start, and what a start it ended up being.

This simple act spread, as people began asking if they could have a sign, and she gave them one. Friends and neighbours to begin with, but then it kept going, kept spreading.

According to Ginni these “Be Kind” signs are now in every US state and in 38 countries around the world. Obviously this is too much for one woman to keep up with, that’s where her angels come in; these are volunteers who offer to help create the signs and send them out to those who are after them.

So how does Ginni afford all these signs? The truth is, she doesn’t. Many of the volunteers buy their own materials and create their own signs to spread the message on their own. Ginni may have started it, but she’s not the only one making it happen.

Ginni gets lots of help from people like Crystal Phelps of Colonial Heights, Virginia, where she has been making big moves to share the message on her own.

“Right before COVID hit, I went to Ashland to help my friend Stacie O’Dell paint ‘Be Kind’ signs,” said Phelps. “Her entire neighborhood has them on display.” It clicked with her rather strongly. “It was then that I felt compelled to enlist friends, family, and strangers to carry the blessing forward in the Tri-Cities area,” she continued. “Our team of angels has painted and given away nearly 2,000 signs since March.”

She doesn’t always have to recruit people to help either, sometimes passersby see the work happening in her garage and stop in to see what the fuss is about; “Whoever wants to come by to paint the phrase and heart is welcome,” stated Phelps. 

Perhaps it is the power of the two simple words, or perhaps it is the power found in the phrase on the back of each sign that draws them in. When Crystal creates each sign she adds her own touch, they all have “Be Kind” and the red heart on the front as expected, but on the back it’s Proverbs 16:24 “Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.”

A fitting addition to this free message of love to share with anyone willing to accept it.

You can find more about it in your Good News Story of the Day, here, and consider spreading this message on your own. It can be as simple as making your own sign and hanging it in front of your house to spark conversations, or put it up in your work place, or offer it to your church.

If our stories have shown us anything, it’s that kindness spreads quickly.

Story and Image from Progress Index.

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