Athlete Gives Back To Community – GNSOTD Thursday Apr 25th 2019

In Kansas City, Missouri, there is a foundation with one of the simplest titles; “I Can Help”. The purpose of this foundation is to help kids learn how to avoid trouble and even help out their community. It was started by Stephon Camp, a high school student, who also happens to excel at football with Blue Valley North. The foundation is run by Camp and fellow student athletes who all want to help their community and did so with their very first event – an Easter drive to help give kids Church Clothes and free Haircuts for the holiday.


It all came from a moment where Camp was trying to understand what happened to his old stomping grounds; “I was just seeing how hard poverty had struck my neighborhood, my old neighborhood,” Camp said. The natural question was “Why isn’t anybody doing anything to help?” and then Camp stopped asking that question and started his foundation last summer. He and his friends were finally able to host their first event this year and gathered 300 or so people to attend “Come Together KC” with free haircuts, food, clothes and an Easter egg hunt. These aren’t just Blue Valley North athletes either; St. Thomas Aquinas Senior Jayden Russell was there and said he hopes these kiddos find that they can help at any age. “They can see just older guys giving back to the community,” Russell said. “And we’re still students.”


It’s kids helping kids, doing what they can to lift their community and inspire others, it’s not millionaires or business magnates or corporations or municipalities, just invested citizens doing what they can to help out. It’s wonderful and it’s your Good News Story of the Day which you can read more about here. Then listen to Camp, who said, when problems pop up in life just know you will bounce back, But only if you learn to say, I Can Help.


Story and Image from Fox4.

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