Arizona Couple Give Giant Donations To Foster Mission – GNSOTD Fri, Jan 31st 2020

A little over one year ago a $1 million donation from Randy and Leslie Hansen paid the mortgage for Jacob’s Mission Community Center, a building in east Mesa, Arizona, that Anika Robinson, Susan Woodruff and Angela Teachout bought to support children in foster care and help foster and kinship families.

This donation was well appreciated, but when Anika came to pick up the check, Randy heard something from her that day, that would make him realize that even after donating $1 million — there was more to be done. Anika told him “Now we can start on the school.”

Apparently, the plan the ladies had was, once the mortgage on the community center was paid they could begin fundraising for a school to be built. All while tending families even though Jacob’s Mission wasn’t officially open. In 2019, they served 1,365 foster children and 1,214 families.

It was a promise the women had made to serve these families. One they kept with the help of hundreds of volunteers. They even made T-shirts in blue that said: “We are the village.” And with Randy and Leslie’s really big donation and countless other donations of all sizes, they were on track to open the center by their January target date.

But for Randy, that wasn’t enough; he wanted to see that school become a reality. So he would enlist the help of an accountant, convince his brother to also support the cause with a donation, and have many long talks with his wife about how it needed to be done.

For the accountant; Anika told Randy her daughter was in college finishing her accounting degree. Randy is a man of faith, so he took that moment as a sign to hire the daughter of a mom he admired almost as much as he admired his own mom.

That’s how Randy was able to present the ladies with a cheque for $2 Million almost a year to the day from his fist huge donation. His actions will allow them to open that school, though much still needs to be done for that to happen, and that is the short version of your Good News Story of the Day. For the full version, including the video, click here. There is so much more to this story which just gets better and better the more you read.

Story and Image from AZ Central.

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