Another TikTok Kitchen Hack.

It can be one of the most tedious tasks in a kitchen; if you don’t know this trick. Removing a tendon from a chicken cutlet isn’t the easiest thing, it can be a bit annoying in fact. That is unless you have some secret tools at your disposal!

A fork and a bit of paper towel.

Apparently all you had to do all this time is to thread any bit of exposed tendon through the fork tines, then grip the tendon with paper towel, and pull. And you can thank @raising_krazies on TikTok for bringing this tidbit to us all!

This little trick has caused this video to go viral. It’s received over 80,000 shares, nearly 10,000 comments, and well over a half a million reactions on TikTok.

Source: @raising_krazies on TikTok

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