Another Officer Going Above And Beyond – GNSOTD Wednesday June 12th 2019

Police Officers often have to respond to odd situations in the course of their duty, one such instance became your Good News Story of the Day. Officer James Riley was on patrol in the Baker sector of Austin, Texas, on June 3rd when he was alerted to a young child who was reportedly walking alone in a parking lot. When he found the child he discovered he was on the way to the store to purchase snacks for a younger sibling.


In a post on their Facebook Page the Austin Police Department then said that Officer Riley took the boy home only to discover the family was going through “difficult financial times.” That is when he decided to do something about it. He went out to the store and bought a basket full of groceries and snacks that the boys would be able to fix without turning on the gas stove. He also got some things that a parent would be able to cook for them.


None of the shopping was part of his job description but he felt it was the right thing to do and so he did it. This is how you make a community better, take care of those you find in need, whether financially, physically, or socially there are things that can be done. If you are able to help someone then you should. And if you are inspired by this story to do so then we should all do as the Austin Police Department requests: “Please join us in commending Officer Riley for helping out a family in need. He showed true heart with this act of kindness and is just one example of how our officers work to make Austin a safe community”


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Story and Image from Fox News.

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