Accidental Food Bank Helps Thousands – GNSOTD Monday, Dec 9th, 2019

John Tierney and Stu McNeil of North Andover, Massachusetts, are busy five or six days a week going by three grocery stores in their area doing one thing; collecting food that is approaching it’s sell-by date. They started 10 years ago after coming to Stop and Shop to pick up some goodies for a community coffee group the two retirees were in. What the store manager told them changed their lives. “He goes, I’m throwing three to four dumpsters of food away a month. He goes, it’s killing me. It just breaks my heart to do it,” Stu recalled. That’s how the Accidental Food Bank came to be. Today, it’s three stores and they estimate a couple million dollars worth of food donations every year.


And it all comes from a simple philosophy – “The community is more important than anything else. They don’t go hungry. The people do not go hungry,” said John. They deliver to veterans groups, food banks and the North Andover Senior Center. “The work that John and Stu do is amazing. They’re helping feed people who would otherwise go hungry,” said Denise Casey, North Andover’s Deputy Town Manager.


It is the work of just two retired individuals and their own personal vehicles. It’s your Good News Story of the Day, and well worth going to watch the video; which you can do here. And these two men estimate they provide food to about 24,000 people each year – which is an astounding year’s work.


Story and Image from CBS Boston.

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