Accidental Bra Fairy Helps Those In Need During Shutdown – GNSOTD Friday Feb 15

Since she began her “I Support the Girls” nonprofit in July 2015, the 42-year-old business executive and mother of two sons from Silver Spring, Md., Dana Marlowe, a.k.a. “The Accidental Bra Fairy,” has distributed more than 500,000 bras and 2.5 million personal hygiene products to women in need. This meant that when the government shutdown occurred last month and families began to struggle from missed paycheck she was in a better position than most to help. What started as a local project to help give a few homeless women some intimate wear has turned into an organization with an army of volunteers collecting and distributing bras, tampons and pads in 50 U.S. cities and five other countries — Australia, Canada, Pakistan, the Philippines and Thailand.


“The funny thing is that I didn’t plan this or anticipate this,” Marlowe said. “I didn’t have this grandiose dream when I went to college that I would have a mountain of bras in my living room.” That is why after a few weeks into the shutdown she put out a Facebook post in which she offered to help female federal employees who had no money for bras or feminine hygiene products.

Within hours, nearly 100 messages poured in such as:

“My husband and I have to go to work and are not getting paid,” wrote a woman from Florida. “It’s getting stressful because my husband’s car broke down. We have three teenage girls, so of course we use a lot of feminine hygiene products. Can you help us?” and “I had a baby and just stopped nursing before the shutdown happened,” wrote a woman in Virginia. “I’m in need of new bras since my size has changed, but I don’t have money to buy them since I haven’t been paid. I’m a size 38-C, and forever thankful if you can help.”


So Marlowe helped then and she’s at the ready with more products to give away now, as another shutdown is possible.


It is a unique charity idea that most wouldn’t have considered; and neither did Dana Marlowe originally. If you would like to know how she came up with the concept you can find that tale in your Good News Story of the Day here. If you want to know more about the charity itself you can find them on Facebook.


Story and Image from the Washington Post.

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