Aaron’s Garden Update – GNSOTD Wed, Dec. 8th 2020

You may remember last August we had a story where we talked about An 8-year-old boy from East Los Angeles who decided to take matters into in his own hands change his families financial situation to help his mom, a single mother of three children.

The boys name is Aaron Moreno and after his mom, Bernice Pacheco, lost her jobs during the pandemic, he hated seeing her struggling just to give him a few dollars for his favourite treat. “As an undocumented person, I didn’t have many laws to protect me. When I lost my jobs, I didn’t get a stimulus, I didn’t get unemployment. I was on my own and I would stay up at night trying not to cry so my kids wouldn’t hear me. I wanted to sleep my life through.”

So Aaron started his own plant business called “Aaron’s Garden” to try and help make ends meet. Turns out it was his love of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos that drove him to try selling plants that first time. Eventually he turned it into much more. His business Instagram profile reads: “Putting My Business in Gods Hands. 8yr old small bussiness owner of a Garden with plants & succulants.”

It has only been a few months since we last heard about Aaron’s Garden, so what could have happened since then? Let’s start with where we last left Aaron and his family; they were looking for a place to move to to get out of their shed, settle some immigration issues, and missing Aaron’s sister who had been sent to live in Mexico; but had a bright future thanks to Aaron’s budding business and a GoFundMe that had raised some 20,000 dollars.

The GoFundMe has seen significant growth and is now over $65,000. Not bad for an original $1,000 goal!

Aaron’s Garden has moved up from a few succulents in the yard. He now runs it from the garage of his families new apartment!

“Before he started this, we really only had things like tuna to eat, because we didn’t have a kitchen and we could only cook by putting a small electric stove on a chair outside,” Bernice said. “But then his garden saved us. The money from the GoFundMe and Aaron’s Garden allowed us to buy a car, which we didn’t have for four years.”

That’s not all either, “The best part of what Aaron has done for us is bringing back his sister,” Pacheco said. “It was so hard being without her and we are a whole family again. And I was so happy to see they still had their amazing bond even if they spent so much time apart. It’s such a blessing.” Aaron’s 2-year-old sister Alani is back home. Finally reunited after years of separation.

The only issue that hasn’t been sorted yet is the immigration one, and they are looking for legal assistance to help with that. But that aside, it is incredible what a few months difference can make when it comes to a families well-being. The support of their community and complete strangers has lifted them entirely out of poverty for about what the government on average pays for a homeless person for a year. Just goes to show what happens when the money is put into the right places.

You can see all about Aaron’s family and the updated Good News Story of the Day here. But now, Bernice said her family is “full of hope” and ready to start a new chapter. As for Aaron, he doesn’t miss a day without buying himself a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. After all, he left it in God’s hands.

Story and Image from WXII 12.

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